Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School
Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School Pupils at Christleton High School

Next meeting is our AGM on Wednesday September 21st, at 6pm in Staffroom

Parents, Teachers,
Staff & Friends
Enhancing Our Children’s
Learning Experience

Funds raised will be used to directly support an extensive range of enrichment and enhancement activities and equipment.

The recent few years fundraising paid for or helped with:

3D Printer Digital Cameras
Sports Kit
Bike Sheds
High Powered Microscope
Residential Trips And more!

Please help us to provide the best possible opportunities for students at Christleton High School by supporting the CHSA. We cannot do it without you.

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We are well on our way to funding the new wellbeing room!


Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors! Their donations of prizes, time and funds through the years have greatly helped us enhance the children’s learning experience through new equipment and activities. Please support them all in supporting us and visit their websites and establishments.

Become a sponsor today!

Please donate Funds or Raffle Prizes and we will happily add you to our Sponsors List with a link to your company website.*

* Subject to CHSA approval. We can discuss with you beforehand, our guidelines.

Ring O’ Bells
Eaton Golf Club
DRS Construction


Christleton High School student playing football in PE Kit

Through Your Donations and Sweets, Drinks & Raffle Ticket Purchases, CHSA has Funded or Contributed Towards:

  • 3D Printer
  • Digital Cameras
  • Robot Kits
  • Bike Sheds
  • Display Cabinets
  • Lower School Playground Equipment
  • Business Development Courses
  • 6th Form Young Enterprise Scheme
  • Big Dig Event
  • Overseas Charity Trip
  • Laser Cutter
  • High Powered Microscope
  • Sports Kit
  • Stereos
  • Chromebooks
  • iPads
  • iResearch Centre Accessories
  • First Aid Courses
  • Futures Week
  • Learning to Work Residential Trip
  • PE Mats
  • Anemometers (An instrument for measuring the speed of the wind, or of any current of gas)

When CHSA has raised enough money we ask school if they would like us to help them with the cost of a large project or if they would prefer the individual departments to bid for smaller amounts of money. We ask school to satisfy two out of the three following criteria when applying for funding:

  • Maximise the number of students who benefit from the award
  • Enriches or enhances the learning experience of students
  • Sustainability - future students will also benefit


Please volunteer as little as 3 hours per year.

I’ll Volunteer

Our Volunteers Have Supported, Selling Sweets Drinks & Raffle Tickets:

We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

We also need volunteers to come to our committee meetings. We are a small but friendly group who meet about 5 or 6 times a year. We discuss up and coming events and when we have raised enough money, we discuss how it should be distributed.

The officer positions on the committee are:
  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
However we would love to have enough people to have:
  • Assistant to Treasurer
  • Stock Organiser
  • Donation Sourcing Organiser (for raffles prizes)

With more help we could do more for the school. Get in touch if you’d like to fulfil any of the above roles.


Miss hanging around the school gates?

Become an active member of the school community.

Come and join us as we strive to enhance our children’s learning experiences.

It’s a great way to get involved and get to know staff and other parents.

Contact us

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The minutes of CHSA meetings are available to members. Please contact us for a copy.

Privacy Policy

In brief - We will only ask you for the minimum amount of information that we need, we will keep it safe, we won’t pass it on to third parties and when we don’t need it anymore we will destroy it. We will treat your information as we would like our own to be treated. Click here for the full version of our commitments in this respect.


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